CBDinfused tropical drinks

How to Make Your Own CBD-Infused Beverages

Given the determination to lead a wellness-oriented lifestyle, more and more people are embracing the potential benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD beverages, no doubt, are the trendiest kid on the block, ensuring an enjoyable and robust way to enjoy the myriad health benefits of CBD. Coupled with the fact that anyone can seamlessly create these refreshing drinks in the comfort of their kitchen, it’s no wonder these powerful potions are seeing a surge in popularity. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and learn how to make your own CBD-infused beverages at home.

Unleashing the Power of Homemade CBD-Infused Beverages

The A to Z of CBD

The explosion of CBD onto the health and wellness scene has been nothing short of phenomenal. Gleaned from hemp, a form of Cannabis Sativa, CBD has stirred the pot with its potential health benefits. Despite being affiliated with cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t exert a “high” effect like its cousin THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Scientific studies reflect that CBD could potentially help alleviate symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia, amplifying its demand in the market. A particularly interesting area of research is CBD Jet Lag: Cannabidiol’s Potential in Harmonising Body Clocks, where significant potential is being found.

Crafting CBD beverages at Home

Making your own CBD-infused beverage is similar to creating a culinary masterpiece – it’s an art. Here’s a general guide to the process.


  • CBD Oil/Tincture
  • Your choice of beverage (Juice, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Additional Flavours (Honey, Lemon, Mint, etc.)


  1. Start by evaluating your CBD tincture or oil. The amount you add to your drink hinges on personal preference, but a common starting point is 10-30mg of CBD per serving.
  2. Select your preferred beverage. Popular options include herbal teas, smoothies, or lemonade. Prepare your beverage as you usually would.
  3. Once your drink is ready, infuse the CBD oil. It’s key to remember that CBD oil does not mix well with water-based drinks, so make sure you stir it thoroughly.
  4. Add any extra flavours like honey, mint or lemon to make your beverage even more delightful.
  5. Your CBD drink is now ready! Enjoy it.

What to bear in mind when making CBD Beverages

While the process of creating CBD-infused beverages is straightforward, there are key considerations to ensure you capture the optimum benefits of your concoction:

Quality of CBD

The quality of the CBD oil or tincture you use plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your beverage. It’s important to source high-quality, third-party tested CBD products to guarantee safety and efficacy.


Remember, everyone responds differently to CBD, and what works for one person might not work the same for another. Starting with a lower dose and listening to your body’s response is usually a smart approach.

Drink Choice

Consider the solubility of CBD oil when selecting your beverage. Given its oil nature, it’s better suited to thicker drinks like smoothies. However, it can also infuse well into hot drinks, which might help the oil integrate better.

The Benefits of Infusing CBD into Beverages

Infusing CBD into your beverages can offer several potential benefits. These include:

  • Ease Of Use: Creating and consuming a CBD beverage is a straightforward, easy process.
  • Delicious: Infusing CBD into a beverage can disguise the hitherto earthy taste of CBD, making it more palatable.
  • Controlled Dosing: Making your own CBD-infused beverages allows you to control the amount of CBD you consume.
  • Benefits: Numerous potential health benefits are associated with CBD, including relief from anxiety and pain, improved sleep, and more.

Wrap up

Crafting your own CBD-infused beverages can be an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Besides the potential health benefits, it empowers you to personalise your wellness journey, ensuring you’re consuming exactly what’s best for your body. So go ahead; stir, sip, and soak in the wellness of CBD.

Remember that while CBD is generally recognised as safe, it’s always prudent to consult with a medical professional, especially if you are on other medications. Lastly, make sure to provide responsible service and consumption of these beverages in accordance with local laws and regulations.