CBD And Yoga

5 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation Or Yoga Practice

Many people struggle with mental health issues, such as stress. As the cost of prescription medicine is also on the rise, people are resorting to pastimes like yoga and meditation as a natural alternative.

However, practicing yoga or meditation is more challenging when you’re anxious, stressed, or depressed. That’s where CBD comes in as it offers the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant. High-quality cannabis seeds help with insomnia and reduce stress and are becoming widely accepted as not psychoactive.

Integrating CBD with meditation and yoga enables you to get the most benefits out of these activities. In fact, it’s helpful since it boosts focus and clears your head for improved focus and performance.

5 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation

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How Does CBD Work for Yoga or Meditation?

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Through its support, the ECS can better regulate and improve moods. It also helps you to stay calm and relaxed. Plus, the properties make it a valuable tool for enhancing focus.

Mediators and yogis have to put up with uncomfortable sitting positions for extended periods. This can be challenging and explains why many beginners give it up within a few days.

Apart from its mind-altering effects, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies reveal that CBD effectively treats pain and fights inflammation. It can also help remedy sore muscles that usually develop after yoga practices.

Further studies reveal that CBD activates your body’s mood-enhancing chemicals. It triggers serotonin receptors that significantly relieve anxiety and relax your body, allowing more profound meditation.

Incorporating CBD with yoga or meditation will allow you to overcome stress, anxiety, and physical pain. It’s best to try CBD when you are new as you continually develop focus.

1. Take CBD Orally

Oral ingestion is one of the easiest methods of taking CBD oils. It involves putting drops of the substance under your tongue before the start of your mindfulness practices. The oil tincture will then be absorbed into the blood for you to feel the effects. Absorption can take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours for the full effects to kick in.

To optimize the combination of CBD and yoga or meditation, take CBD a few minutes before you begin. This ensures that the CBD is fully absorbed and the effects released. The time it takes to feel the effects varies between individuals.

2. CBD-Infused Foods and Drinks

5 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation

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Edibles and infused drinks blend perfectly with mindfulness practices. Eating or drinking before the practices are easy tasks that anyone can adjust to. There are many edibles on the market, including snacks, CBD gummies, and many others. You can also add a cup of tea or use other beverages that are infused with CBD oil to achieve smooth meditation and yoga experiences.

Just like capsules, CBD taken in the form of drinks or food have to undergo digestion. That means it may take a while for you to feel the effects. However, they are a good option for lengthy sessions since CBD last while in your body.

3. Vape CBD

If you need a quick way to get the effects, then vaping CBD is the easiest way. It’s faster and suitable for meditation or yoga practices in between activities. You can easily purchase CBD vape oil and vaping devices that are used to inhale the CBD oil. When the vapor is inhaled, it goes through your lungs and finally into the bloodstream.

A vape pen using CBD vape oil is the best device as you start vaping. You can start low and monitor the effects as you increase doses. Alternatively, a CBD dosage calculator can help you determine the suitable dose based on your body weight and the strength of the CBD oil.

4. Take CBD Capsules

5 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation

Source: Pexels.com

Pairing CBD capsules with yoga or meditation is great if you’re used to taking supplements. CBD capsules are widely accepted because they’re easy to carry around. You don’t need to worry about preparing or spilling them. It’s good when starting out since monitoring dosage is easy.

However, it can take some time before you feel the effects. CBD capsules have to undergo digestion before entering the bloodstream. Yet, they are a good choice if you want to fully utilize the CBD since the effects last longer in the body.

5. CBD Topical Application

It’s normal to experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after yoga practices. The soreness results from the process of muscle recovery. However, the soreness can’t be overlooked since it can affect your performance. The topical application of CBD can greatly help with yoga. When you apply CBD cream, gel, oil, or lotion on your skin, it’s absorbed and penetrates the skin to muscle tissues, thus offering relief.


CBD is a safe and effective way to boost your yoga or meditation practice. However, it should have the right quality and used cautiously. Starting slow and increasing dosage gradually is the best way to do it.

But first, decide which method you want to take CBD. Your choice should be based on your personal preference. The market is full of CBD products like vape oils, edibles, topicals, and tinctures. Each method is different and has unique potency.

These are just some of the popular methods of adding CBD to your mindfulness practices. You can do some research to find out which method is the best for you. Seeking advice from a medical expert or physician is advisable as it will help you do it correctly right from the start.