Love CBD Entourage Oil E28093 Stay Fit and Young

Love CBD Entourage Oil – Stay Fit and Young

The Love CBD Entourage Oil is made from various legalised strains of CBD or cannabis. These strains are well-researched for their potency, cannabinoid content, and strength.

Love CBD uses extracts from hemp plants grown in diverse regions with unique climates. This approach optimises the hemp plant’s potential, a concept known as the Entourage Effect.


The idea of maximising the hemp plant’s potential was first proposed by Raphael Mechoulam. He was the pioneer in discovering THC and CBD. Mechoulam suggested that CBD, when combined with other cannabinoids, is more effective than when used alone.

Based on this idea, Love CBD developed the Entourage Oil. The brand invested three years in research and development to create the perfect formula. Different proportions of hemp extracts and types of cannabis oil were mixed to make the most effective Cannabis Cocktail.

Characteristics of Love CBD Entourage Oil

  • Contains three ingredients: cannabis extracts, olive oil, and terpenes.
  • Free from chemicals and synthetic materials.
  • Enriched with all-natural and organic hemp, including CBD, CBDA, CBG, and terpenes.
  • Available in spray form for ease of use and reduced leakage risk.

The Entourage oil comes in 2000 mg, 1400 mg, and 150 mg CBD oil options.


  • Easy to use spray form allows for precise dosing under the tongue, ensuring rapid absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Provides quick relaxation and immediate relief from muscle and joint pain.
  • Offers fast relief from anxiety and improves sleep quality.

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For additional information about the Entourage Effect, you can read more about it in this study conducted by Raphael Mechoulam and colleagues.