Love CBD Entourage Oil E28093 Stay Fit and Young

Love CBD Entourage Oil – Stay Fit and Young

The Love CBD Entourage Oil is made from different legalized strains of CBD or cannabis. The strains that are used have been popularly researched for their potency and cannabinoid content and strength.

The brand uses cannabis extracts from different hemp plants grown in different parts of the world that grow in varied climatic conditions. This way the attempt is to optimize the potential of the hemp plant thoroughly.  This is also termed by the brand as the Entourage Effect.


The concept of maximizing the potential of the hemp plant was first proposed by Raphael Mechoulam. He was the first man who discovered TCH and CBD. He proposed that when CBD is taken in a combined form rather than CBD alone, it is the most effective.

Based on this concept that the CBD combined offers the most benefits, Love CBD developed the Love CBD Entourage Oil product. The brand involved in long-drawn research and development process that took about three years to develop the right concoction. Different proportions of hemp extracts were used while different types of cannabis oil were mixed to prepare the best and the most effective Cannabis Cocktail using the Entourage oil concept.

Characteristic of the Love CBD Entourage Oil

  1. Contains three ingredients – cannabis extracts, olive oil as the base and terpenes.
  1. Does not contain any chemical or synthetic material.
  1. The product is filled with the wonders of all natural and organic hemp and combined CBD; including CBDA and CBG and Terpenes.
  1. The Entourage oil is available from Love CBD in the form of spray because sprays are easier to use, have lesser chances of leakage

The Entourage oil is available in the 2000 mg, 1400 mg and 150 mg CBD oil.


  • With the spray, it is easier to place the exact amount under your tongue that enters your bloodstream immediately without going to the digestive system of the body.
  • As a result, you are able to relax faster and get immediate relief from pain in the muscles and the joints.
  • You are also able to get immediate relief from anxiety and lack of sleep issues.