Love Hemp Gummy Bears E28093 Improve Your Health

Love Hemp Gummy Bears – Improve Your Health

Love Hemp Gummy Bears are made for oral consumption, just like any other gummy bear or candy. Mixed with some of the most delicious assortment of flavours and available in a rainbow of colors, consumption of these CBD gummies does not involve any dropper or a glass of water.

Love Hemp Gummy Bears are made in a way that they are not only yummilicious but also enhance the absorption of the CBD in your blood stream. These are some of the features of the gummies:

  • The gummies are manufactured from organic hemp;
  • Each bear contains about 5 mg of CBD;
  • There is an assortment of natural flavours mixed with natural sweeteners.
  • Are free from all artificial sugar
  • Are free from THC
  • The gummies are packed in handy packages so that they can be carried and consumed on the go.

The Love Hemp Gummy Bears are available in three pack sizes – 40 gummies, 100 gummies or 200 gummies in one jar. The gummies are available in different flavours – orange, strawberry and lemon. There are two different colours – Paprika and curcumin.

Besides hemp extract, natural flavours and natural coloring agents, the gummies also contain maltitol syrup as sweetener, citric acid, vegetable, Carnauba wa and gelatine.

Benefits of the Love Hemp Gummy Bears

  1. Easy to consume and can be had on the go, while travelling, at work or at home.
  1. Made from full-spectrum CBD help in relaxing the stressed and tensed muscles and joints in your body.
  1. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory effects that provide relief from chronic pain.
  1. You can consume them after a heavy exercise routine as it helps recovering your muscles and bones.
  1. The lemon flavoured Love Hemp Gummy Bears help in maintaining the pH balance in your blood; while the lemon also helps in detoxification of cells and improve the metabolism of the body. This is so because lemon contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous.
  1. Intake of the orange Love Hemp Gummy Bears infuses extra nutrients in your body like Vitamin C, essential minerals, and antioxidants.
  1. Intake of the strawberry gummies fills your blood with Vitamin C and manganese, Vitamin B9 and potassium and anti-oxidants.