Most Common Reasons People Smoke Sativa THC Variants

Most Common Reasons People Smoke Sativa THC Variants

The prevailing attitudes about cannabis use are changing slowly, particularly as research on CBD as a therapeutic product increase. Because the community of users are no longer connecting underground, information about products, methods of use and strains are becoming easier to find.

Sativa Vs. Indica

Sativa is known as “daytime weed” and generally energizes the mind of the user. Indica is known as “nighttime weed” and makes it possible to overcome insomnia, better manage anxiety, and get a handle on OCD as well as other maladies.

Creative Boost

Many of those who use the sativa strain do so for the creative boost. While there have been many reports of memory loss caused by marijuana use, there are actually sativa strains with a high terpene content, which sharpens memory and makes it easier to turn short term memories into long term memories.


For many users, the sativa strains make it easier to overcome shyness and help you to reach out. Of course, dosage matters. If you’re completely kicking back and have no more responsibilities for the evening, a giggle-inducing load of sativa product will make it harder to avoid the paranoia that comes with a high dose of weed.

Bending Reality

There are many people who struggle with mental illness; their current reality is quite harsh. New information on the use of hallucinogenics as a way to break through the lockdown of a harsh mentality is an exciting option.

While sativa products are not technically a hallucinogenic drug, there are many products that offer a euphoric experience, which can be uplifting enough to feel hallucinogenic. The determination of whether or not this is beneficial in the long-term is certainly worth studying.

Steady Energy

Here is a list of the most common challenges that people seek help with when smoking weed:

  • chronic physical pain
  • anxiety
  • OCD
  • insomnia

One of the challenges for folks who suffer from is that their energy level can be all over the place. Chronic pain is exhausting and will steal your focus, making it impossible to truly dig into any serious project without distraction. Anxiety makes it impossible to sleep. OCD can take all of your drive and focus as the script of your OCD digs into your brain and makes it impossible to change directions.

Sativa is energizing. The THC binds to your nervous system, making it easier for you to feel pleasure, which can help you to better control your reaction to the world around you.

Start a Journal

If you plan to try a sativa strain to boost your brain function, discuss your plans with your physician so you can prevent a drug interaction. Once you are sure you won’t do yourself harm, start a journal.

Write down the conditions that are currently getting in your way. Carefully track

  • the sativa strain you use
  • the dosage you take
  • your response
  • the time it takes to act on your central nervous system

Be honest; make sure you track the positive and the negative benefits. For example, many CBD users find that using the product before bed makes it easier to fall asleep, but they may then struggle to stay asleep.

You may find that sativa helps you to better manage the stress of your life and have more mental energy all day, but you have feelings of paranoia that evening. You may need to switch to a sativa with a lower THC level, such as Harle-Tsu and try stem tea effects also.

Knowing your personal reaction is critical to putting a sativa strain to best use for your brain. This decision is highly personal and will take study; start a journal before you start using the product.