Orange County CBD Cali Range 1500mg CBD 50ml E-liquid (60VG/40PG)

$ 32.04 $ 26.70 or $ 32.04 $ 24.02 / month

Orange County CBD Cali Range 1500mg CBD 50ml E-liquid (60VG/40PG)
Orange County CBD Cali Range 1500mg CBD 50ml E-liquid (60VG/40PG) $ 32.04 $ 26.70 or $ 32.04 $ 24.02 / month

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Orange County CBD terpene infused Cali E-Liquid range is packed with award-winning Broad Spectrum CBD Extract. The CBD in these flavoured liquids is formulated using a specialist CO2 process that has been developed to isolate and remove any unwanted compounds while creating the maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids. Cutting edge technology is employed to ensure you get a product that includes the highest levels of CBD. Orange County CBD hemp-based phytocannabinoids offer an organic, non-GMO formulation with no chemical solvents.

– Made in the UK

– 1500mg CBD

– 50ml of E-liquid

– Cali Range

– 60VG/40PG

– Broad Spectrum

Terpinolene – Fruity, Caryophyllene – Peppery, Myrcene – Herbal



CBD E-liquid contains PG and VG base liquid, as per normal, along with flavourings, and CBD(Cannabidiol).

THC level<0.2%


Orange County CBD

What is the Orange County CBD?

As of 2022, Orange County CBD has won numerous international awards. In categories like Best Edibles, Best Extract, Best Innovation, Best Packaging, and numerous others like these. With their Roots back in Northern California, USA. They source the best-grown hemp from the farms of Colorado, Kentucky, and Northern California.

They use the best quality US grown hemp to make a wide range of CBD infused products, including CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, CBD E-Liquid, CBD Topicals, and CBD extracts. If you are an avid CBD user or someone who is just starting out with it, This is your way to go as they not only have the best quality products in the UK CBD scene but the widest range to choose from.

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What does Orange County Offer?

This CBD brand is a well-known and multi-award-winning company, that produces high-quality, lab tested CBD Products that are manufactured using cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure that their market base receives the highest-quality CBD products at affordable prices.

CBD World Online deals with all CBD products including oil drops, oil sprays, and edibles in the form of dietary capsules and gummies. Skincare products are also manufactured using CBD extracts. CBD is a chemical produced from the hemp plant also known as Cannabidiol, is widely used in multiple wellness products.

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CBD is different from THC ( Tetrahydro cannabidiol) which is another component of Hemp. They offers a tremendous range of wellness products infused with naturally extracted CBD. Each product is available in different strengths ranging from low dose to overflowing CBD strength, making it available for all those who are already using CBD products for a while or just stepping Into the world of CBD. Orange County CBD Oil, CBD Tincture oil, CBD Muscles, Joints Rub, and CBD Gummies all come in different strengths, weights, quantities, and flavours.

The oil comes in natural flavors and Apple, Cherry, and Mint flavors and smells. CBD gummies come in peach or mixed fruit flavors. All products are either broad spectrum or full spectrum. Oil is the easiest way to provide CBD to your body and gummies are undoubtedly, the yummiest way of giving you a CBD dose.

CBD World Online being the official retailer ensures you that all products of Orange County CBD have passed third party testing and in-house lab testing with flying colors, and each product is created under highly qualified staff and using cutting edge techniques. All products have Terpenes, another component extracted from Hemp but THC is either less than 0.2 % or completely nonexistent.

Orange County CBD Gummies UK

The Orange County Gummies are just normal gummies with extracts of CBD that works as a wellness supplement. Therefore Orange County CBD offers a huge variety of products. They have countless shapes and each shape is given a different name which makes it interesting. Orange County gummies also come in grab packs and tubs and come in two different sizes, small and large making it more convenient for their customers to choose the packing according to their convenience and choice.

we have the Orange county CBD gummies options here CBD Peach Rings, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Gummy Cubes, CBD gummy hearts, CBD gummy
bottles, CBD gummy strawberries, gummy worms, and fizzy peach rings.

All these flavors and shapes are available in mini grab bags, grab bags, large tubs, and small tubs. Quantity and strength differ for each packaging. Except for peach, cherry, and Strawberry, other CBD gummies come in mixed-fruit flavours.

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CBD gummies combine all the advantages of CBD with the delicious flavour of gummy candies. Orange County claims that CBD gummies are the best option for beginners because they are the easiest to dose, easiest to consume, and indisputably delicious because they are made with their multi-award-winning CBD and the best vegan-friendly gummy formulas. Some customers offer orange County CBD oil drops, as they are easier to swallow but some want an even tastier dose of their wellness supplement.

Each tub of gummies or grab pack has a label that shows the list of ingredients that are used in manufacturing CBD gummies. Dosage is also mentioned on the pack, which should be followed strictly with a healthy
lifestyle and proper diet. It is also advised to consult your physician if you are taking some other medications too. In Orange county CBD gummies, the THC level is undetectable and they are broad spectrum.

They produce one of the world’s largest ranges of high-quality, lab certified U.S.-made Gummies. With a variety of more than 25 to choose from. CBD Gummies are great for use anywhere. They are just like regular gummies with the added benefit of CBD. A tasty CBD Treat available in many flavors.

Orange County CBD Oil

Now, this is available in both Natural & Flavoured CBD in MCT Oil. With strengths ranging from 500mg – 6000mg, They produce quality CBD Oil for almost everyone.
Orange county CBD Oil comes in two sizes,  As for strengths, compared to other brands, Orange County CBD has a wide range offering from 500 mg to 25,000 mg strength. 500 mg CBD Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle, it is full spectrum and low strength, the perfect choice for those who are just about to start their wellness journey with CBD. This 30ml contains 1.66% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. The highest strength Orange County offers is 25000 mg which comes in a 100 ml bottle. It contains 25% CBD and offers incredibly high strength with a full profile of cannabinoids.

Then we have 1000 mg, 1500 mg, 3000 mg, 6000 mg, and 12000 mg of Orange County CBD Oil at CBD World Online. Orange County CBD has one special edition of oil as well, named Josh Taylor. The oil comes in a natural flavour and leaves no taste in the mouth. But if you’re looking for fruity dose of CBD, then we have Apple, Cherry and Mint flavours CBD Oil too.

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Flavorful CBD oil drops are THC free and specially produced with Terpenes extracted the same as CBD gives an extra taste and smell. They are sweet and fruity, broad spectrum, and vegan. Flavored oil bottles come in 30 ml bottles and in three strengths, ranging from 500 mg to 1500 mg. One 30 ml bottle contains 1.66% CBD. CBD World Online has multiple options from Orange County CBD Gummies range also.

They have a terrific range of gummies in various shapes, sizes, colors, and strengths. CBD Gummies are better option for those looking for tasty edible CBD dose instead of oil or capsules.

Award Winning CBD

We are very proud to be an authorized & official Orange County CBD retailer. With over 20 awards we are certain this is a brand that has quickly become one of the largest and most recognized in the world of CBD.

Why Choose Orange County CBD Over Other Brands?

This Brand Orange County CBD has its roots in Northern California, and its all products are created from organic and natural, well-grown hemp from the farms of North California, Kentucky, and Colorado.

Hemp plants are grown there with great care, and then processed carefully to separate THC (Tetrahydro Cannabidiol) and CBD. Because THC is a psychoactive compound while CBD is non-psychoactive so it is important to remove THC. This process is led very carefully.

CBD World Online is the biggest and official retailer that assures you of the CBD quality of Orange County Products. Their products not only are in-house tested but have passed third-party testing too.

Lab reports are displayed with each product on the website. Orange County has tinctures, muscles, and joint balms too that come in handy and makes everyday life easier. And for a higher dose, they have designed capsules.


Q. Are Orange County CBD Products lab tested?

A. Yes, all these products are not only tested in-house, but they have been tested in third-party’s labs too. Their products are manufactured under the supervision of a highly qualified team. All products are made with organic CBD obtained from farm-grown hemp plants, which ensures quality.

Q. Is Orange County CBD Oil intoxicating?

A. CBD oils are manufactured on a large scale in every CBD company because they are the most demanding CBD product. Orange County is multi award winning CBD manufacturing company that has made its name by assuring its customers of quality and originality. Orange County Oil is third-party lab tested and is the best selling product. It comes in full spectrum and Broad Spectrum, with different strengths and flavours.

It is strictly produced using CBD and Terpenes mixed with original Coconut Oil. THC is carefully removed from CBD because THC is a psychoactive compound and intoxicating but CBD is nonpsychoactive and not intoxicating.

Q. Are Orange County CBD gummies vegan?

A. The world is evolving and more people are becoming vegan and looking for alternate healthy options to cater to their needs. Orange County CBD has vegan options in form of tasty gummies.

Especially, gummy rings are smaller in size and coated with organic sugar. Which makes the taste even better. Orange County CBD offers organically produces gummies, infused with CBD. And all other ingredients that are grown naturally and organically without any use of chemicals and pesticides.

Q. Is CBD World Online an authorized retailer?

A. Yes, CBD World is the No.1 retailer of CBD products. Representing multiple CBD brands. We feel proud we are an affiliated and authorized retailer of Orange County CBD in the UK.

It is an absolute pleasure to represent the most recognized, largest, and multi-award-winning brand.

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