Purple Crystals by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crystals – Amnesia Haze (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

£13.99£19.99 or from £12.59£17.99 / month

Purple Crystals by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crystals – Amnesia Haze (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)
Purple Crystals by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crystals - Amnesia Haze (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE) £13.99£19.99 or from £12.59£17.99 / month


Discover the Exquisite Essence of Amnesia Haze: Purple Crystals by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crystals

Unrivalled Purity and Potency

Indulge in the ultimate CBD experience with Purple Crystals by Purple Dank—now featuring the iconic Amnesia Haze strain in a crystalline form. This limited-time offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free presents an exceptional opportunity to experience the highest quality CBD terpsolate on the market.

Crafted for Connoisseurs

Purple Crystals are meticulously created using high-grade CBD isolate combined with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes, sourced directly from the esteemed Amnesia Haze strain. This careful extraction process ensures a product that not only delivers in potency but also preserves the unique flavour profile and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant.

Versatility at Its Best

Whether you prefer dabbing, vaping, or incorporating CBD into your culinary creations, Purple Crystals are designed to suit a variety of consumption methods. Their versatility makes them a top choice for both novice users and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Product Highlights

  • Dual Quantity Options: Choose between 1000mg (1g) and 500mg (0.5g) to best suit your needs.
  • Exceptional Flavour: Experience the rich, intricate flavours unique to the Amnesia Haze strain.
  • Pure and Safe: Free from harmful chemicals, fully lab-tested, and safety checked to ensure the highest standards of quality.
  • Eco-Friendly Extraction: Utilises CO2 extraction methods for purity and environmental responsibility.
  • Inclusive Formulation: Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and organic components guarantee a product that’s accessible to all.
  • Legal and Compliant: Contains THC content below 0.2%, aligning with legal standards.

Ideal for CBD Enthusiasts and Professionals

Whether you’re a professional in the wellness industry, a culinary expert, or a lifestyle user, Purple Crystals cater to all. The Amnesia Haze variant offers a sophisticated palate of flavours, making it an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their CBD experience.

Why Choose Purple Crystals by Purple Dank?

With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits and pleasures of Amnesia Haze Purple Crystals. Embrace the purity, potency, and versatility of one of the finest CBD products on the market today.

🌿 Elevate your wellness routine and add a touch of luxury to your day with Purple Crystals by Purple Dank. Experience the difference with every use!

Opt for Purple Crystals by Purple Dank and transform your approach to wellness with a touch of sophistication and unmatched quality.

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