Purple Dabz by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crumble – Strawdawg (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

£15.99£27.99 or subscribe and save up to 15%

Purple Dabz by Purple Dank 1000mg CBD Crumble - Strawdawg (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE) £15.99£27.99 or subscribe and save up to 15%


Discover the Exquisite Purple Dabz by Purple Dank™️ 1000mg CBD Crumble – Strawdawg 🍓🐶

Limited Time Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Elevate your CBD experience with the Purple Dabz by Purple Dank™️ 1000mg CBD Crumble – Strawdawg, crafted for connoisseurs who demand purity and potency. This premium CBD concentrate is sourced from the finest hemp strains grown in Oregon and expertly extracted in Colorado, ensuring a product of unparalleled quality.

Why Choose Purple Dabz CBD Crumble?

  • High Potency: Contains 1000mg of CBD per 1g, ensuring a robust and satisfying experience.
  • Pure and Safe: Free from botanical terpenes and additives, emphasizing the natural essence of cannabis-derived terpenes.
  • Luxurious Texture: Crumbly and rich, perfect for those who enjoy dabbing or adding a potent punch to their CBD routine.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Comes in a premium glass jar that keeps the crumble fresh and potent.
  • Tested and Trusted: Independently verified for both safety and purity, providing peace of mind with every dab.

Key Features:

  • Strawdawg Flavor: Enjoy the delightful blend of strawberry and subtle earthy tones, making each session a fresh and fruity adventure.
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoids: Rich in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids that work in synergy for enhanced effects.
  • Low THC Content: Contains less than 0.2% THC, complying with UK regulations and ensuring no psychoactive effects.

Ideal For:

  • CBD Aficionados: Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their CBD products.
  • Recreational Users: Great for individuals looking for a high-strength CBD product to incorporate into their lifestyle.
  • Eco-conscious Consumers: Packaged in environmentally friendly materials with a focus on sustainability.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Dabbing: Use a small amount on your dab rig for a concentrated and powerful effect.
  2. Mixing: Crumble it into your joints or bowls to enhance your smoking experience with an extra CBD boost.

Ingredients: 100% Cannabis (CBD) With Natural Flavoured Terpenes

🌿 Step into a world of purity and potency with Purple Dabz by Purple Dank™️. Experience the ultimate CBD crumble that not only promises quality and safety but also delivers a delectable Strawdawg flavor. Act now, with our limited-time Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer, and double your pleasure and wellness!

Indulge in the excellence of Purple Dabz and transform your CBD routine into a luxurious ritual. Order today and savor the superior CBD crumble tailored for discerning enthusiasts like you!

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