Supreme CBD 1500mg CBD Disposable Vape Device 3000 Puffs

£17.49 or subscribe and save up to 15%

Supreme CBD 1500mg CBD Disposable Vape Device 3000 Puffs £17.49 or subscribe and save up to 15%

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Experience the Elite Vaping with Supreme CBD 1500mg Disposable Vape Device

Introduction to Supreme Vaping

Elevate your vaping experience with the Supreme CBD 1500mg CBD Disposable Vape Device. Designed for discerning professionals who appreciate sophisticated electronics and premium quality, this device combines high-performance vaping with the purest CBD satisfaction.

Key Features

High Potency CBD

  • 1500mg of CBD: Each device is pre-loaded with 1500mg of high-quality CBD, ensuring potent delivery and consistent effects.

Extended Use

  • 3000 Puffs: Enjoy up to 3000 puffs with each device, offering longevity and reliability for continuous enjoyment without the need for frequent replacements.

Sleek Design

  • Compact and Discreet: The sleek, modern design fits comfortably in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Robust Build: Engineered with durability in mind, it stands up to the rigours of daily use while maintaining optimal performance.


  • No Charging Required: Fully charged and ready to use right out of the box, this device eliminates the need for charging cables and waiting times.
  • Zero Maintenance: With no need to refill or replace parts, this disposable vape offers a hassle-free vaping experience.

Why Choose Supreme CBD Vape?

Choosing the Supreme CBD 1500mg Disposable Vape Device means opting for convenience without compromising on quality. It’s perfect for professionals who value efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a quick CBD session during busy schedules, this device has got you covered.

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested for quality and consistency, ensuring each puff delivers the intended potency and purity.
  • Flavour and Performance: Delivers smooth, flavourful vapours that are enjoyable and effective, making each session a delightful experience.

Ideal for On-the-Go Lifestyles

The design and functionality of the Supreme CBD 1500mg Disposable Vape Device cater specifically to the needs of individuals with dynamic, fast-paced lifestyles. Its discreet nature allows you to enjoy your CBD intake seamlessly and stylishly.

Conclusion: A Smart Choice for Smart Professionals

Make a smart choice today. The Supreme CBD 1500mg CBD Disposable Vape Device is your perfect companion for reliable, enjoyable, and potent CBD vaping. Its combination of sophisticated technology, user-friendly features, and robust design makes it a top-tier option for anyone serious about their CBD consumption.

Elevate your vaping today with a device that matches your professional and personal demands. Experience the unmatched convenience and quality of Supreme CBD, and take your CBD experience to the next level.

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