The Shroom Shop 30000mg Reishi Nootropic Coffee – 100g

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The Shroom Shop 30000mg Reishi Nootropic Coffee - 100g £23.60 or subscribe and save up to 15%
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Elevate Your Morning Ritual with The Shroom Shop 30000mg Reishi Nootropic Coffee – 100g

Discover the Power of Reishi in Your Coffee Cup

Revolutionise your morning routine with The Shroom Shop’s Reishi Nootropic Coffee. This unique blend infuses high-quality coffee with 30000mg of premium Reishi mushroom extract, delivering a powerful yet smooth taste experience designed for discerning professionals. With its rich aroma and robust flavour, this coffee doesn’t just wake you up; it redefines your wake-up call.

Why Choose Reishi Nootropic Coffee?

Optimal Strength and Purity

  • High Dosage: Each 100g pack contains a potent 30000mg of Reishi mushroom extract.
  • Premium Quality: Sourced from the finest Reishi mushrooms, known for their purity and potency.

Designed for Discerning Tastes

  • Rich Flavour: Enjoy the deep, full-bodied taste of premium coffee perfectly balanced with earthy Reishi notes.
  • Smooth Experience: Crafted for a velvety texture, ensuring a pleasurable drink every time.

Benefits Without the Buzz

  • Nootropic Properties: Reishi is celebrated for its cognitive-enhancing properties, making this coffee a smart choice for professionals.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial additives, ensuring a natural and wholesome coffee experience.

How to Enjoy Your Reishi Nootropic Coffee

  1. Brewing Perfection: Use 2 teaspoons per cup in your coffee maker or press for optimal flavour extraction.
  2. Morning Routine: Ideal for your morning coffee routine, providing a thoughtful start to your day.
  3. Mindful Moments: Sip during work breaks or early meetings to maintain focus and mental clarity.

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

The Shroom Shop is dedicated to sustainability, using only ethically sourced Reishi mushrooms and eco-friendly packaging. This commitment ensures that every cup of Reishi Nootropic Coffee not only tastes good but also feels good.

Why Wait?

Elevate your coffee experience with The Shroom Shop 30000mg Reishi Nootropic Coffee. Whether you’re preparing for a challenging day at the office or simply enjoying a quiet morning, this coffee blend is your perfect companion. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in your cup and step into a world where flavour and function unite seamlessly.

🌟 Order now and transform your coffee routine into a ritual of excellence and vitality.

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