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What Are 2023’s Favorite CBD Health Trends?

It may surprise you when we say that this year is not all gloom and doom, but we have the statistics to prove it. 2022 is a year where we’re seeing a massive upsurge in the number of people who have grown in self-awareness, taking the initiative to improve their health. While the pandemic may have made experts feel like humanity may have lost its spirit, we only came up stronger with all the efforts required to live a better life. Perhaps, it was the reminder of the finite nature and unpredictability of life that acted as a wake-up call. No matter what the cause, the alternative health market (CBD) hit USD 100.4 billion in 2021. So what does it mean for the remainder of 2022? Here are four CBD trends we’ll be seeing more of.

  1. Inner child healing therapy: One of the main concepts that have built up in the last two years is a mass expression of spiritual awakening. This has also made individuals of their active childhood traumas that require extensive care and healing. The process of inner child healing therapy focuses on the neglected and overlooked aspects of such individuals who went through difficult childhoods, undiagnosed disorders, bullying, harassment, or abuse. A wide range of tools and programs such as cannabinoid-supported CBT are all in high demand today.
  2. CBD products: The second and most remarkable observation made in the alternative healthcare sector is the growth of cannabidiol or CBD products. Infused into a range of products, there are several ways to consume it. From rolled units, beakers, and glass online headshop products, these are a direct mouth-to-lung method of consuming CBD through the flower that can calm anxiety, depression, and PTSD triggers. Apart from them, there are other products like oils, infusions, topicals, and supplements that are equally popular.
  3. Past life regression: The esoteric and spiritual side of things has also made it big in the last couple of years, with people wanting to tap into their current problems and recurring patterns in a unique way. Past life regression is a kind of suggestive hypnosis where a person can delve into the depths of their subconscious to find any possible incidents that can define the root cause of phobias and irrational fears to heal them.
  4. Cannabis yoga retreats: After a long lockdown, people are ready to go out and about. While we may have assumed that this would mean more shopping and glamor trips, the world surprised us yet again. The majority of the travelers are choosing CBD-friendly locations with meditation centers and retreat camps. This may have to do with how much stress needs to be resolved due to the rapid pace of life today. Not only do these retreats offer complete mind, body, and soul healing with CBD workshops, but they also practice some of the ancient medicinal arts.

Wrapping Up:

As seen above, these trends are all focused on improving the overall well-being of people, who are all looking for holistic ways to become healthier. At the current growth rate, we won’t be surprised if the holistic health, cannabis, and self-help industries touch triple the earnings in the next two years!