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What Seasoned Vapers Must Know When Switching To Cannabis Edibles

The legal status of cannabis in Canada and several American states marks a fresh start for consumers. The market is open and legitimate now, and you can expect more variety as a medical or recreational user. Store shelves and online catalogs showcase the broadest range of products, from vapes to tinctures, concentrates, edibles, drinks, and topicals. If you have been regular with inhalation methods like smoking and vaping, you must consider edibles as your next go-to option.

But even seasoned vapers and smokers can expect a completely different experience with cannabis edibles. Experts recommend digging deep and gathering the key facts before embarking on the journey. Also, consider it a start from scratch, regardless of your experience with vapes. Here are a few valuable facts you must know before switching to cannabis edibles.

The slow onset and sustainable outcomes

Inhalation pros are accustomed to quick hits because the technique carries the cannabinoids from the lungs to the bloodstream in seconds. On the downside, the effects wane sooner than you imagine. While you get rapid relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and stress, the results seldom stay long enough. Edibles are exactly the opposite because they start slow and stay for a long time. Since these products deliver the cannabinoids through the digestive route, they reach your bloodstream only within a couple of hours. But the effects are sustainable, making them ideal for lasting therapeutic benefits. Not surprisingly, edibles score high over painkillers, sleeping pills, and anxiety medications.

Restraint is essential for first-timers

While edibles are great for lasting relief from medical conditions, dosing can get tricky. In fact, they may overwhelm even experienced vapers who know their tolerance levels well enough. The risk of going over the top runs high for first-timers because a second serving sounds tempting when the first one does not seem to work. Most newbies end up losing their patience and take a repeat serving before the first one goes into full swing. The best tip for edible dosing is to start slow and wait for the product to act. A couple of hours is the legitimate waiting time before loading more.

More care goes into dosing edibles

Besides practicing restraint with cannabis edibles, you must do your math while dosing edibles. Your experience with vaping is not a viable benchmark because edibles are structurally and functionally different from vapes. You must follow the cardinal rule of “low and slow” while dosing these products. Further, follow product labels for a better understanding of the starting point. The ideal point to start with is 5 mg of THC for regular vapers, and newbies can go even lower. You can check out different edible forms to ease dosing calculations. For example, candies and gummies are pretty straightforward, but you have to invest effort in calculating doses per serving for chocolate bars and baked goodies.

Evening is the apt time for the first session

Like any other cannabis product, edibles deliver varying outcomes for different users. You may experience relief with a microdose. Alternatively, a heavier dose may lead to the desired effects. Likewise, the product may act within an hour or take even more than a couple of hours to work. The same applies to the timeline of the session. The best time for your first session is around the evening when you are free from chores and need not step out for errands. You can indulge in the experience and relax just the way you want. If you overshoot, you can get a full night’s sleep without worrying about ruining the whole day.

Experimenting with your culinary skills is an option

Another compelling fact that makes cannabis edibles worth trying for regular vapers is that it enables them to experiment with their culinary skills. You are in a good place if you can bake and mix because making your own ingestible products at home is an attractive proposition. You can bake classic infused brownies, cookies, chocolates, and candies. Consider preparing a lavish menu and hosting a get-together for your cannabis-loving besties to flaunt your culinary art. You can also do your bit for potluck parties with your gang. But remember to dose accurately while mixing your homemade delicacies. A little practice is often enough to nail the dose and craft mouth-watering delicacies like a pro.

Follow the storage rules

As a vaping regular, you will probably know the significance of storing your stash correctly. You must follow the same storage rules with edibles as with vape products, protecting them from heat, light, and humidity. Also, check the instructions on labels to understand and implement product-specific requirements. But you must go the extra mile to ensure they are out of reach for kids, pets, or visitors. Since edibles like candies, cookies, and chocolates are tempting, unintentional consumption is more likely than you imagine. Although these products are not lethal, you will surely not want a non-user to get high, specifically a kid in your family.

Know the possible interactions

Edibles can interact with other medicines and supplements, like other cannabis products. You must steer clear of alcohol with these products, no matter how tempting it is to serve them together at your cannabis get-together. Both do not mix well and can cause an intense high. Also, avoid using edibles when you are on a blood thinner therapy. Mixing them can slow down the therapeutic effects of your medicines or intensify the action of THC. Driving after a session is another thing you must ditch as a part of consumption precautions.

Switching to cannabis edibles can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for vaping pros, provided they do not go over the top due to overconfidence. As a first-timer with these products, you must understand what to expect and take some measures to tailor your doses. A little creativity can help you cook the best-tasting edibles at home. But you can also relish delicious ones by picking them from store shelves or ordering online. Getting your facts right takes you a step ahead with edible consumption.