Who Are CBD Pre-Rolled Joints For?

Who Are CBD Pre-Rolled Joints For?

You must have heard about CBD and its properties in recent years, but people usually refer to oils and tinctures derived from this cannabinoid. However, there is another way to consume it, and a lot of people prefer it this way.

This method of consumption is, of course – smoking. Smoking is a popular way of ingesting CBD because it hits faster, but we’ll touch upon that more below. For now, you should know that you can purchase pre-rolled CBD joints and enjoy both the taste and the medicinal properties of CBD by smoking it.

What Are CBD Pre-Rolled Joints?

It’s pretty self-explanatory; pre-rolled joints are simply joints filled with dried hemp flowers you can purchase and enjoy. This is pretty much the only way to get dried hemp, and it comes already prepared for your consumption.

They are portable and available to you at any time, as long as you carry them with you. You can use them on a break from work, or while just hanging around the house, and even on a night out – it’s entirely up to you.

Who Can Use Them

Anybody can use pre-rolled CBD joints. If you’ve been using CBD regularly, or you’re about to start using it, you should consider smoking these joints as an option. It’s not advised for people with lung conditions, but outside of that, it’s practically the same as any other way of consumption when it comes to safety.

It’s also known as a good substitute for cigarettes for people trying to quit smoking. Not only do they look alike, but the process is pretty much the same, only without any of the health hazards commercial tobacco represents. Imagine having a cigarette that smells nicer, healthier, and doesn’t get your heart thumping but relaxes you instead.

Of course, if you prefer edibles, you can stick to CBD oil, but it’s easier to take a couple of joints with you when you’re on the go than an entire dish full of brownies.

What Are Their Benefits

The main difference between CBD joints and other consumption methods is that by smoking CBD, you go around the entire digestive tract and the liver, and the CBD goes straight into your bloodstream. This means that CBD joints hit much faster, but the effects are a bit shorter in duration.

That’s why they are said to be the best when it comes to helping with acute pain that some medical conditions can impose – the effects occur almost instantaneously. Most people that suffer from stress-induced conditions can also benefit by using CBD joints, as the fast-hitting effects can sometimes prevent even panic attacks.

All that being said, you should always consult your physician before starting any treatment using CBD. With new terpenes being discovered every day, you can probably pick out some CBD joints with the flavor altered a bit to match your taste.

Are They Legal?

Any hemp derivative with levels of THC below 0.3% is considered legal in the US. That being said, CBD joints should be perfectly legal for most states. It goes without saying that you should get them from a legitimate proprietor to ensure that it’s completely legal.

Also, individual states still have laws in place that prohibit the ingestion of hemp by smoking it, so you should look into your state’s rules and regulations when it comes to hemp, just to be double certain.

It should also be mentioned that it’s hard to discern whether a joint contains a hemp derivative or marijuana, so you should probably report to the authorities that you have CBD joints on you if asked, simply to avoid any inconveniences.

In Conclusion

So, let us wrap this up, shall we? If you are regularly using CBD products, or if you are thinking about starting, you should keep in mind that joints are another way you can consume cannabidiol. This option is excellent for people who are trying to quit smoking, those who are on the move a lot throughout the day, and for people who need the effects of CBD to hit faster than, for instance, when using CBD oil.

The only reason to avoid CBD joints, other than simple preference, is if you have any established lung conditions – in that case, you can stick to the oils and tinctures. In all the other cases, CBD joints are a valid option that you should definitely consider.

And, again, as we mentioned above, if you have the option, you should consult a medical professional. If you have a friend who is in medical school or if your dad knows someone who is a doctor, ask around. There is no harm in it – and perhaps you will get some excellent explanations.