Yocan Dive Mini Nectar Collector Kit

The brand reigns the cheap vaporizers market and have earned the prestigious title of the leading manufacturers of inexpensive, but quality vapes. And its cherished excellence reflects vividly in the product we are about to review here — Yocan Dive Mini Nectar Collector Kit. Instead of the brand’s forte, the wax pen vaporizers, this time we present you a nectar collector, which is equally tempting. So, without delaying any further let’s jump into it.

Appearance and Design

It is exactly what you might have expected from Yocan — smooth cylindrical shape, comfortable mouthpiece, and signature compactness. One look and you can easily tell the product is a Yocan masterpiece. It may not come with flashy features and the design still looks good in the hand but might draw slight attention. Still, it is an ideal choice for people who want to keep their vaping habits discrete.

Magnetic Connection:

No more wrestling with the vaporizer to release the cap as Yocan Dive mini comes with a magnetic connection rather than a threaded design. It is not only an easier way but also saves a good deal of time for the users.

Dual Mouthpieces:

The device comes with two mouthpieces — a traditional one and a bubbler. The former feels the same as normal mouthpieces and is coated with aluminum, so it may get hot sometimes. The bubbler mouthpiece, on the other hand, harbors a filtration system to eliminate overheated vapors, allowing you to experience a purer and more flavorsome outcome.

Manufacturing Quality

Although the device is incredibly cheap, the manufacturer does not compromise on the quality. Everything from the outermost finish to the inner air-pathways is constructed with high-quality material — not to mention, the overall engineering of the device is also top-notch.


  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Predetermined 3 Temperature Levels
  • Dual mouthpieces including Water Chamber
  • Glass Attachment
  • 4 unique ways of vaping
  • Temperature Options: 3.2V, 3.47V, and 4.2V
  • 510 Threaded

Battery Performance

Running out of charge in the middle of relaxing with your vaporizer is a nightmare come true. To prevent that from frequently happening, the brand has thrown in a powerful battery in the slim design. For this reason, the battery may last for an entire day, however, if used carefully.
Further, it is outfitted with a micro-USB port, which allows the device to recharge at a faster rate. Plus, you can plug the device anywhere using a USB cable, making it a feasible choice for all types of users.

Four Unique Methods of Vaping

Sure, vaping is entertaining, but following the same-old method will turn boring quickly. And in no time, the flavor that used to give you currents won’t even be able to excite your taste buds. That is why it is wise to keep on trying new things.
Fortunately, this legendary nectar collector allows the users to vape in four different ways. It is, without a doubt, an unprecedented upgrade that vapers will absolutely love. The following are the few methods you can try:

  • Vaporizer with XTAL coil
  • Vaporizer with glass attachment and XTAL coil
  • No loading pen XTAL tip
  • No loading pen with glass attachment and XTAL tip

Temperature Flexibility

Expectantly, the device features three different voltage levels — 3.2 v, 3.7 v, and 4.2 v. Each option is responsible for a particular taste, density, and potency level of the vapor cloud. For instance, the lower settings are for relaxing moods wherein you seek to mellow out effects from the vaporizers. On the other hand, the higher settings can send chills down your throat.
However, there are no proper controls to manipulate the voltage and you can rely on the power button to get things done. Pressing the button three times would change the power level, allowing you to choose a suitable hit for your throat.

Vapor Quality

Whether the device is worthwhile or not, it comes down to the quality of the vapors. It isn’t a surprise that the brand managed to pull off great flavor even with this unit. Simply put, it tastes great.
Compared to premium vapes offered by the brand, this model may lack in the potency area. Apart from this, the quality even rivals the expensive devices present in the marketplace. No matter what heat setting you to choose, it will not disappoint you in making your tastebuds happy.
Moreover, the bubbler enhances the overall quality and the performance of the device. When the vapors undergo filtration, the resultant vapors are purer, tastier, and smoother. You can expect an ultimate balance of strength and flavor of the vapors from this device.

What Does the Box Offer?

  • 1 x Yocan Dive Mini
  • 1 x XTAL Tip
  • 1 x XTAL Coil
  • 1 x Glass Attachment
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Pick Tool


  • It is more entertaining than traditional vapes.
  • The vapor quality is great.
  • The battery performs for a long time.
  • It is pretty easy to use.


  • It lacks easy temperature controls.
  • It is challenging to store bubbler.