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Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2021

This list of the best marijuana strains of all time can help you choose which strains that can provide more production, flavor, effects or other characteristics that made these classic strains of marijuana a top seller of the time. Some valued for their ease of cultivation and results, others for their powerful effect or high resin production. Based […]

Guide to Choosing the Best CBD Oil UK

With the growing popularity of CBD or cannabidiol, many brands are offering their own version of CBD oil. It is not easy to find the best one, but once you do, you will experience its full potential and feel the benefits that will change your everyday life. The best CBD oil UK supports the wellness […]

8 amazing ways to increase productivity at work using cbd

8 Amazing Ways To Increase Productivity At Work Using CBD

Work-life can get quite stressful due to the frequent deadlines and hectic schedules. Long-term stress due to work may pile up and transform into a clinical mental disorder. Hence, it’s crucial to take the time and analyze the effective ways to curb stress. Along with this, you can consider herbal remedies that enhance concentration levels. […]

CBD Oil for Dogs: 7 Benefits & Treatment Guide

How to be a Better Pet Parent? Consider These Tips

Not every couple is a parent to a child. But who said you couldn’t be a parent at all? While they might not have any blood relation with you, dogs can quickly fill that hole in your life. After all, they are tiny and fluffy children. Having said that, if you follow the right strategies, […]

5 Benefits Of Using CBD Products

CBD products are more helpful than people give them credit for. Unfortunately, this substance has been controversial for quite some time. Many countries banned this substance along with other hemp substances because they thought it affected people’s performance. Luckily, scientists have done a lot of research on CBD and have disproved that misconception. Now that […]

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Facebook must weed out these bogus CBD cannabis extract miracle cures

The Penman Law of Health Scams states that the more ­ailments a remedy claims to be able to cure, the less likely it is to cure any of them. So I have no doubt that Facebook plugs for a “miracle” cannabis extract are 100% scam. These begin by using the names of celebrities without their […]

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Kadenwood Expands Global Presence with Acquisition of CBD Wellness Brand Healist Advanced Naturals | 2021-06-23 | Press Releases

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. , June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kadenwood , a leading plant-based wellness company dedicated to fostering consumer trust and transparency in CBD, announced the acquisition of UK-based CBD wellness brand Healist Advanced Naturals . The partnership expands Kadenwood’s premium portfolio of plant-based wellness products focused on all-natural, benefit-driven CBD solutions. The acquisition […]


Darren Clarke launches CBD range

Former Open Championship winner Darren Clarke has teamed up with Sana Lifestyle to launch a range of premium CBD oils, aimed at raising the bar in the golf CBD market. The products, named Darren Clarke CBD, aim to help golfers sharpen and maintain focus, and has also been seen to reduce nervousness whilst playing. CBD […]

4 tricks to manage your sugar level

There is nothing better than pleasing a hungry stomach with an appetizing snack supplied by Mother Nature. Whether it’s in the middle of the workday or a flavoury bite before going to bed, there are some good choices out there for those watching their sugar intake. Of course, finding tasty alternatives to sugar-filled and fattening […]